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What is In-Homecare?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The word home can carry different meanings to many people. It may mean residing in the home you or a family member has lived in for decades, or in an apartment, condo or senior living community for an aging parent or family member who may need some extra help to do so, being able to stay at home fulfills a desire for independence that everyone shares.

This extra assistance maybe for a short-term; for example , your family member may just need some care at home after a hospital stay or while recovering from an illness. Or, the assistance needed is ongoing in order to continue living safely at home. Whatever the situation, Anda Homecare has what you need. In that, services are provided in the comfort of the clients home for the purpose of promoting, maintaining, and restoring wellness.

There is no place like home....Home is where the heart is,,,,,, Home Sweet Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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